Every morning, starting about 3am, our employees begin taking down recorded customer orders and staging the production floor for a full day of cutting, filling, packing, and shipping both fresh and frozen product throughout the Bay Area.


Mr. Balestrieri, our purchasing agent, gets things running early by placing orders with our vendors around the world. With over 40 years seafood experience, Sal is the man to talk to if you’re trying to find something special...just be sure you give him a little notice to ensure satisfaction.


Allow us to relieve some of your catering stress by taking care of part of the preparation. Our skilled team of filterers are the local industry leader in fresh cater cut portion control fish!  Other services include hand packing delicate display seafoods, as well as cracking fresh whole cooked crab and even pre-splitting crab legs for consumer ease.  For Kosher customers we are more than happy to make special arrangements when it comes to preparing product, call and ask for Peggy for more information.