The freshness of seafood is by far the consumerís top concern ~ price comes in a distant second with other concerns like sustainability, food safety, convenience or proper preparation.


Our mission is to deliver really fresh seafood at affordable prices. Easier said than takes a great amount of hard work and cooperation by many people around the globe to get product from the ocean to the customer.


We start by being an HACCP qualified business, we also purchase seafood with a clear and sustainable sourcing policy that requires our vendors to be HACCP qualified as well. We require our seafood vendors to be both honorable and well established. All Seasí management team has over 200 years of combined experience in the wholesale seafood business and many of our staff have been members of the company ten years or more. All employees are very knowledgeable in executing the daily demands involved in the fresh and frozen seafood distribution business.


All Seas receives local fresh fish from San Francisco, Monterey, Half Moon Bay, and Fort Bragg daily. Trucks bring in product from Oregon & Washington States, Western Canada, Southern California, and Mexico. Daily early morning SFO pickups include fresh air shipments from the East Coast, Canada, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Hawaii, and the Philippines. All products are processed in house to ensure our customers the freshest fish that can be purchased.




Fresh seafood is the most sensitive time and temperature protein


Being a same day vendor, we deliver fresh seafood that we received in the morning to our customers before lunch the same day. Seafood vendors and broad liners, that require you to give them 24 hours lead time and have a cut off time to place your orders, will be selling their seafood cheaper than any same day vendor. The freshest fish you will receive from them will also be at least 24 to 72 hours older than any fresh fish that you can purchase from a same day vendor.


There is only so much seafood that can be received and checked for quality, then processed and delivered on a particular day. Thatís why there a number of same day seafood vendors in the Bay Area. All Seas Wholesale, Inc. has been in business for over twenty years selling to a star studded list of dedicated customers, give us a call and weíll be happy to earn your trust and loyalty.††