Prestigious PG&E Green Business Award Goes to All Seas Wholesale Fish Co.

Text Box: PG&E Senior Vice President, Helen Burt, stands with Peggy Howse CEO and president of All Seas Wholesale Inc. 
Text Box: On Monday, May 18, 2009, at San Francisco’s City Hall, Peggy Howse, President and C.E.O. of All Seas Wholesale received the PG&E Green Business Award in the presence of David Chiu and the Board of Supervisors. The ceremony took place at the opening of the 5th annual; Small Business Week, Flavors of San Francisco.
In presenting the award Helen A. Burt, PG&E Senior Vice President & Chief Customer Officer stated, “PG&E looked long and hard to find the company suited for this honor…it is because of how Peggy Howse defines Text Box: leadership in her business, and has now applied that to issues of the environment that drove us to choose All Seas.”  Helen detailed, “In 2009 Ms. Howse in her operation All Seas saved over 400,000 kwh of electricity; which is equivalent to 60 Homes being powered in San Francisco for 1 year, and 167 Tons of Carbon emissions avoided.” 
Ms. Howse later expressed “I applaud PG&E for encouraging all San Francisco businesses to be mindful of the environment. Saving electricity is not only for saving money; it is also a necessary step in preserving our earth, not only for ourselves, for the creatures with whom we share this planet. I believe as individuals we have the power to make San Francisco a shining example of clean and green with awareness. Tasks like recycling, maintaining the Text Box: cleanliness and condition of our public sidewalks, cutting down on paper use, replacing older lighting with newer more efficient fixtures and bulbs, are simple ways to create an even better San Francisco. We have to think ahead and not blindly go along with convenience. Thought, consideration and care is essential to preserving and improving life for the future. The children of tomorrow are depending on us.
Text Box: San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, congratulates Ms. Howse on All Seas’ commitment to the